Sama Organisation Burgess Hill

& Haywards Heath



Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath gradings are held at Southway school, Southway off

Royal George Rd, Burgess Hill

All students should have an up to date membership and insurance

Students must wear a clean ironed white karate gi with a SAMA badge on the left breast of their jacket or kickboxing blacks with the correct coloured belt. No jewlery is allowed to be worn in the grading for safety reasons

We run a pre grade karate lesson before every grading so we can double check that every student is ready for their grading

Bellow are the grading date for 2014

Febuary 1st

March 29th

June 28th

October 18th

December 13th

Kids (under 16yrs) £15 Adults £20



High grades

High grades (brown belts and above) have to grade in Worthing in front of Shihan at Durrington community centre

Bellow are grading dates for 2014

Febuary 2nd

March 30th

June 8th

October 5th

December 7th